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A jewellery creator and watchmaker curator, Maison De Greef presents an exceptional world of excellence and savoir-faire in central Brussels, the beating heart of Europe. Maison De Greef will immerse you in mesmerising sights, such as the purity of a rare diamond, the splendour of gem settings, or the exclusivity of a grand complication watch. Beyond its commercial activities, Maison De Greef symbolises family values, heritage and history. It also represents years of advice and expertise provided to exacting local and international customers who yearn to find rare pieces and whose loyalty is a sign of trust and careful consideration.

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Successor & Jeweller

Arnaud Wittmann represents the sixth generation of Maison De Greef. As a trained master jeweller, filled with passion and knowledge, he carries on to reaffirm every day the family values of preserving know-how, personalised services and quality. Heir to the culture of creating and the artisan tradition that has characterised the family for nearly two centuries, Arnaud Wittmann looks to the contemporary and the future of the company, carrying on a constant dialogue between tradition and innovation. He looks ahead to the coming decades filled with creativity inspired by originality and dream elements with a continuously renewed thirst for challenge.

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As exceptional design lies in the details, we offer microscope demonstrations in-store.

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